Jacob’s 3rd Birthday: Dinomite!

When Jacob turned two years old, he had a firetruck-themed party, complete with, ummm, firetruck. For his third birthday, it was all about dinosaurs! Jacob’s mom, Jeannie, is just a planner extraordinaire. No detail was left unattended. The decorations were…I don’t even know how to describe it so just see for yourselves!

Jacob and his friends were never left twiddling their thumbs either. The Beat Buds came by to teach the kids about music and playing instruments, there were little tables and chairs in the patio with paper, color pencils, stickers, and stuff to bring out the tots’ creativity, and then there was a reptile show. A REPTILE SHOW, and all the kids, especially the celebrant, absolutely loved it! No huge snakes or creepy crawlies could scare Jacob and he just had a grand time celebrating the Big 3.
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Catalla Family: Pierpont Inn

Upcoming nuptials and a grandson on his way – what better reason to get together for family photos?!

When my friend, Reg, asked me to take photos of her parents, sister, brother-in-law and soon-to-be husband; and when she said they’d be spending the weekend at the Pierpont Inn in Ventura (just 20 minutes from the office), I knew it was meant to be. They’re such a close-knit family, and I spent the afternoon enjoying their company, and even feeling the closeness I share with my own parents and sister because of them.

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Jovi & Eddie: Engagement Session – Downtown L.A.

I would go nuts at the office without her. My best work bud, Jovi, is getting married in a few months and I was beyond honored she asked me to shoot her wedding. She and Eddie started dating around the time that we met, so I feel like I’ve been there to see every step of their relationship.

These two, I swear. You know those kids whose parents are constantly trying to catch their attention? I was the parent, and Eddie and Jovi were the kids.  “Hello! Over here, you guys!…Helloooooo?!” I always find it so much fun shooting people I know, because there’s no rapport to build. It was like the three of us just decided to meet at the Music Center and hang out.

Joves and Edward – ya’ did great! Can’t wait to party in September!

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